Case Study – A Commercial Organisation

Survival in an Environment of Political, Social, Economic and Business Uncertainty

Business challenge
The CEO and executive team of Hazelwood Power Station acknowledged and needed to address the challenges faced to enable the business to operate more efficiently and survive in an environment of political, social, economic and business uncertainty.

Case Study - Hazelwood Power Station

The business engaged a team of consultants, led by CoachCorp PTY LTD, to deliver an organisational change program over a three year period. This program worked with all levels of the organisation and affected 800 employees and contractors across a Power Station and Mine environment.

Norah was engaged as a key member of the CoachCorp team. Norah’s role, along with other key directors of CoachCorp, was to plan the change program, work with the both the executive leadership team and the management teams through a “plan and lead” program, to challenge their conventional ideas, beliefs and thinking and embed a culture of effective leadership, engagement and empowerment.

Outcomes were delivered on several fronts. Leadership optimisation was a key goal and through a series of leadership workshops supervisors and managers developed a greater sense of how to lead and motivate their teams. These workshops were supported with one-on-one coaching. Additionally, the Power Station and mine were inculcated into the Lean management philosophy and learned to apply this approach to critical business issues.

Overall, the workforce became more empowered, engaged and motivated, as measured by improvements in employee and manager survey ratings. Additionally, there were substantial and measurable cost savings and efficiency gains when applied to critical projects through out the mine and power station.



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