Case Study – A Not For Profit Organisation

Creating a Winning Team in the Disability Sector

Business challenge
This organisation, a key service provider in the disability sector, was experiencing a lack of consistency in the way problems were being solved and interactions were held with key stakeholders. This caused conflict and confusion among staff and clients and in some cases, inconsistent behaviour and poor decision-making.

BreekThrough Strategies - Winning Team

It became clear that each individual had a different set of assumptions and beliefs they relied on to make judgments, which were creating inconsistent approaches to problems and issues. We assisted the organisation in clarifying the key values that were consistent with the organization’s mission and purpose, and which would be used as the basis for sound and consistent decision making. Each value was defined, with behaviours that supported the values identified and real examples of situations and decisions were explored and tested. We were able to break down each value into day-to-day actions, so that each person knew what to do back in the real work environment and on what basis they should be making decisions.

The staff now has a solid framework to guide their decision-making. They don’t need a long rule book to describe every situation and the required response because they have a set of values and behaviours that provide this guidance. They also have a process for holding each other accountable not only for decisions, but also for appropriate behaviour towards each other, their clients and the community.


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